Rising force in the digitally-dominant guitar universe and all-around most excellent dude, Bowen Benedict's career path is a love letter to the state of the art of sweet melodic declarations, visceral power metal, and jaw-dropping fretwork with a style and voice all his own.  


Pulling from a wide variety of frequencies and influences such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Babymetal, this futuristic neo-classical hero in the making brings a timeless melodic sensibility along with an unequalled technical prowess that harkins back to the young and hungry neck benders from the 80’s.

Bowen’s journey has just begun the ignition sequences, and with several key performances and slew of victories under his belt already he’s looking forward to launching a weekly video series this year and has huge plans for exciting content, mind-blowing performances, all culminating in the release of his debut a full-length album in late 2021.